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Shell commands to manage Cluster Continous Replication – Exchange 2007

July 29, 2010

1).Viewing Cluster resources on EXCMBXV-01 cluster 

          Cluster.exe /cluster:EXCMBV-01 res 

Cluster resources on EXCMBXV-01 cluster

 2). Shell commands to Stop-Strat Cluster Mailbox server 

Stopping Clustered Mailbox Server EXCMBX-01
Stop-ClusteredMailboxServer EXCMBX-01 -StopReason setup -Confirm:$false

Stopping Clustered Mailbox Server

Starting Clustered Mailbox Server EXCMBX-01 

Start-ClusteredMailboxServer EXCMBX-01 

Start Clustered Mailbox Server

3). Shell commands to move cluster resources to Passive node (failover)

 Move-ClusteredMailboxServer –Identity Excmbx-01 -TargetMachine:excclun-02 -MoveComment:’Moving cluster resources to passive node for testing purpose”.

 4). Switching Active Node and Passive node

 Set-MailboxServer -Identity:<CMSName> -RedundantMachines:{<ActiveNodeName>,<PassiveNodeName>}

5). Checking Cluster mailbox server (EXCMBX-01) status

Get-ClusteredMailboxServerStatus EXCMBX-01

CMS Status

6). Suspending Replication

Suspend-StorageGroupCopy -Identity <Server\StorageGroup> -SuspendComment <Comment>

 7). Resuming Replication

Resume-StorageGroupCopy -Identity <Server\StorageGroup>

8). Checking Storage group copy Status

Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus -Identity:<StorageGroupName>

Reply Queue Length: Indicates number of log files  needed to be played on the replicated copy

Storage Group Copy Status


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