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Exchange Implementation in Cross forest

May 6, 2010

Exchange Server implementation in cross forest topology

Requirements of having exchange servers in multiple forests 

  1. During merger and Acquisition
  2. Splitting Exchange or Server administration
  3.  Re-Alignment due to business situation changes
  4. Moving part of business to separate forest

Supported Features in Cross forest environment

  1. Mail flow
  2. GAL Synchronization – Microsoft Identity Integration Server  is required
  3. Free Busy Data visibility –  Inter-Org Replication tool is required
  4. Public Folder sync – Inter-Org Replication tool is required
  5. Meeting request forwarding – if GAL sync is in place and SMTP authentication is configured
  6. Delivery receipts – Need to configure Global settings properly
  7. Distribution group – GAL sync will create a contact for each DL in destination domain so membership of DL will not be visible to users in different forest

Features not supported in Cross forest environment

  1. Public folder permissions cannot be replicated using Inter-Org replication tool
  2. Rules will not be available when cross forest move is performed
  3. Delegation is not supported in different forest as users are visible as contact there.
  4. User can not open calendar of users using Open Other User’s Folder in different forest.
  5. Send As rights cannot be provided to the users in other forest.
  6. Front-end server cannot proxy requests to the back end servers in different forest.

Minimum requirements of cross forest environment are to provide mail flow and GAL synchronization. Other feature can be configured as required at the later stages. You can use the GAL Sync feature in MIIS 2003 and for mail flow setup make sure Network connectivity in forests is established.

 Cross forest move

To move users account from one forest to other forest ADMT can be used and then with the help of Mailbox Migration Wizard we can move mailboxes

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