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March 15, 2010

I’m Manish Girdhar and I write messaging24X7 to help System Administrator who are responsible to manage messaging technologies. In this blog I would be focusing on these technogies – MS Exchange 2003/2007 /2010, Blackberry Enterprise server 4.1/ 5.0. With share of my experience, I would like to see this blog helping administrator in understanding, installing and configuring messaging techologies mentioned above.
As far as my work experience is concerned, I have worked with these technologies for more than 5 Years. I am presently working in Computer Sciences corporation and had worked for Mphasis, Microland and PC solutions in past. I am managing Blackberry Enterprise server, Symantec Enterprise vault (Mailbox archiving solution), Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010 (in test environment at home)
To contact me, email, mobile +919901038263.


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  1. Umesh Nambiar permalink

    Hello…do u have any comparison between Activesync & BB in terms of functionality & security etc.?

    • Hello Umesh,

      Thank you for visiting my blog site.

      There are many differences between Microsoft’s Active Sync and Research In Motion’s Blackberry Enterprise server. Below I am able to gather some points based on features, cost and Security.

      Blackberry offers many more features in comparison with Active sync these features are:
      1.) Mobile Data service allows Blackberry users to access intranet sites and applications.
      2.) IT policies to control features on Blackberry devices.
      3.) Complete logging of PIN, SMS messages and Phone calls is available on blackberry server.
      4.) Remote Wipe / lock / Unlock of device are supported. These are also supported on Active Sync.
      5.) Synchronization of email, Calendar, notes, contacts and tasks is supported. These are also supported on Active Sync.
      6.) Controlled surfing of Internet network is available only with Blackberry. i.e internet access can be routed through corporate network with internal proxy server.

      Active Sync
      1.) Remote Wipe / lock / Unlock of device are supported.
      2.) Synchronization of email, Calendar, notes, contacts and tasks is supported.
      3.) You can see all old emails but blackberry there is a limitation.
      4.) You can download larger attachments and on blackberry only near 5MB.

      Cost factor…:

      To implement blackberry solution you are required to have purchased or spent on

      Blackberry Enterprise server software license
      Additional Blackberry Client Access Licenses
      Costly Blackberry device for the user.
      Skilled technical staff to manage blackberry server
      Blackberry Enterprise services needs to enable from service provider for each device. Cost of GPRS (EDGE Technology) this allows fastest email sync
      Hardware for blackberry server
      If you need to run more than 50 users you have to incur cost on SQL database server.

      To implement Active sync solution you are required to have Microsoft Exchange server with Outlook web access and Outlook mobile access published with external Internet URL and Secure HTTP (HTTPS) and purchased or spent on few things as compared to blackberry

      No additional software license is required because Microsoft exchange server is enough for implementation
      Purchase of certificate to enable https from third party vendor or install your Certificate Authority Server inside your environment.
      Windows mobile phone
      Exchange administrator can manage Active Sync
      Cost of GPRS
      No additional hardware for Active Sync Server software installation
      SQL server is not required for Active Sync implementation

      Security factor…:

      Security level is almost same in both the technologies.
      Blackberry Enterprise server supports 3DES and AES encryption. AES encryption is fastest and completely unbreakable but requires blackberry devices with firmware version 4.0 or higher.

      Actives sync uses SSL port 443 for data transfer which is again highly secure encryption.

      Hope I am able to give little insight of both the products. If you have more questions, please feel free and write to me.

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